Harness AI-Powered Marketing And Sales Alignment To Ignite Business Growth

Get a steady flow of customers consistently, predictably, and profitably.

Struggling To Get Results With Your Current Marketing Strategy?

Split marketing efforts can hold back your business. You’re not alone if…

You Lack Confidence In Your Current Marketing Approach.

Only one in four executives feel confident in their company’s marketing strategy. This uncertainty leads to wasted resources and missed opportunities.

You Are Unsure Which Marketing Channels Will Bring The Best ROI.

Choosing the right channels can be a challenge—limiting your ability to scale your business.

You Are Uncertain About Your Marketing Effectiveness and Sales Impact.

Less than half of CEOs feel confident in making decisions based on data. Tracking your marketing success is important but challenging, making it difficult to know where to put your resources for the best results.

Accelerate Growth With AI-Enhanced Marketing That Drives Results

Focus On What Matters

Say goodbye to managing your marketing solo with no marketing expertise. Partner with an experienced CMO to help guide your marketing efforts, ensuring you focus on the right things and futureproof your business.

More Efficiency, More Growth.

Businesses that prioritize sales and marketing alignment see a 20% growth within 6 months with AI, while others face a 4% decline without it. Align your sales and marketing efforts to give your business more room to grow.

AI-Driven Insights For Peak Performance

Leverage our proprietary platform, Leadway AI™, to inform your marketing strategy with precision. Track, measure, and identify growth opportunities to put your business on the right path.

Fractional CMO Services

A Focused Strategy For Better Results.

From strategy to execution, a Fractional CMO manages your marketing campaigns by leveraging AI-driven data and insights to guarantee better results.


Drive profitability through strategy


Leverage AI to meticulously track metrics for ongoing optimization


Foster sustainable growth


Deliver a seamless customer experience

Leadway AI™

Your Data-Driven Growth Engine.

Leverage AI for in-depth analytics and predictive modeling, providing an unmatched advantage. Focus on your most profitable marketing channels, identify untapped growth opportunities and increase revenue.


Make decisions swiftly and confidently


Attract And Retain Top Talent For Your Company.


Humanize Your Brand Image.


Increase Customer Engagement.

Lead Generation

Lead With Value, Get More Customers.

Launch funnels that deliver value first and conversions second. Nurture leads with e-books and case studies to make every interaction with your business matter.


Boost Customer Loyalty Through Value-First Approach.


Qualify Leads Better With Educational Materials.


Enhance Customer Experience With Meaningful Interactions.


Build Trust And Credibility With Valuable Resources.

Hiring A Fractional CMO vs. A Marketing Agency

Discover the differences that set a Fractional CMO apart from traditional marketing agencies and take your business to new heights.

Fractional CMO

Marketing Agency

A Fractional CMO acts as the conductor of all your marketing efforts to ensure everyone is on the same page. CMOs plan and execute your marketing strategy while coordinating with existing vendors and bringing in new partners.
Agency projects are led by an Account Manager that typically lacks a marketing background and the skills needed for high-level strategic oversight. Account managers work internally with functional marketing experts on a project-by-project basis.
Creates and implements strategies quickly.
May take longer to implement strategies due to a lack of complete marketing oversight.
Provides comprehensive marketing knowledge with 15+ years of experience.
No one is responsible for overseeing the complete marketing plan. Instead, functional marketing experts are expected to focus on specific areas of digital marketing.
Access a marketing executive for ~30% less than hiring a full-time CMO. Fractional CMOs only charge for the time that their services are needed.
Charges a monthly retainer or on a project-by-project basis, ranging from a few thousand for a one-time project or hundreds more for a full-service marketing campaign.
Creates breakthrough customer offerings and advance marketing by experimenting with new technology platforms, alternative media, new tools and techniques
Takes a more cookie-cutter framework for increased efficiency.
A fractional CMO provides personalized and strategic leadership to promote sustainable business growth.
Takes a more cookie-cutter framework for increased efficiency.
Metrics & Performance
A fractional CMO provides personalized and strategic leadership to promote sustainable business growth.
Not accountable for campaign performance due to limited access to customer data across marketing channels.

Unlock Your Business Potential With Workshops And More.

Meet Alex Ohlinger, the founder and CEO of Leadway. With extensive experience working across various industries including B2B, B2C, and DTC, Alex has helped businesses generate over $500 million in revenue. Alex’s marketing presentations and workshops teach you how to leverage artificial intelligence to future-proof your business, transform your website into a sales powerhouse, streamline your sales funnel, and track key metrics and KPIs.

Discover new growth opportunities across a broad range of marketing topics, including:

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Marketing and Sales Efficiency

From Two Sides to One Goal - Mastering Sales and Marketing Alignment Predictable, Consistent, Profitable Leads

Transform Your Website Into A 24/7 Sales-Person

Predictable, Consistent and Profitable Leads

Ready to supercharge your business growth with AI-driven marketing?

One Point Of Contact

No need to find and manage multiple marketing partners!

Streamlined Marketing Operations

All of your strategy, planning and execution handled.

More Cost-Effective Than Hiring In-House

Gain access to a Marketing Executive with AI experience for ~30% of the cost of hiring a full-time CMO.